WiFi vs Cable

Hello Everyone,

Lots of people have come to us from their old providers and told us that their internet was very slow. We want to clear the air on this matter.

There has been a debate about how WiFi is faster than cable. We would like to point out, it isn’t. Cable will always be faster than WiFi until cable becomes obsolete.

We want to note that at the current time WiFi speeds can not guarantee the ‘Up To’ speeds advertised, to do a true accurate speed test. We recommend getting a Cat5e Ethernet cable plugging it directly into the router and then the other end into a computer. Only then, you would get the most accurate test.

We pride ourselves on quality customer service and we want to make sure you are getting the best speed possible. So if you are suffering from low speeds, (half or less than) please contact us. You may think there is nothing we can do, but believe me. We will sure try. No matter what. We do not want to be the same as the other providers, over-complicating, making false promises, confusing billing etc.

ALL our fees are fixed per month for the entire length of your contract.
ALL our speeds are guaranteed Up To and may depend on the area. We will however try to get you the best possible.
We will ALWAYS notify you of any issues concerning your local area.

Thanks for reading.