How does this work?

FREE Quote
For all clients, we offer a free quotation on the full costs and information about your perfect broadband plan.

Once you have chosen your perfect plan, you can pay via Direct Debit, Debit/Credit Card or PayPal.

Once the payment has gone through, an engineer is then scheduled to come to your premises and install your new router.

Is that it? Of course not....

One thing that makes us better than the other broadband providers is our ability to improve WiFi in your home, of course it is difficult to get a good WiFi connection in the further corners of your home; so we are putting a big stopper on that, we offer a WiFi extension service where we put in WiFi Access Points/Range Extenders into your home all on 1 WiFi network, avoiding the hassle of moving from 1 WiFi network to another. This service is available for £34.99 install + Equipment costs.

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