The Best Security Tips

Hello everyone,

Thought I might just post one of the most important things that springs to mind. Security, now one thing we have noticed in our long history working online, is password security. Of course, lots of people use the same simple password in their accounts for all the most important services.

Therefor, we recommend LastPass. LastPass is a free service that stores and encrypts all passwords you add to it. Call it a ‘digital password vault’, You just have 1 password to access all other passwords. Of course that does sound risky. However, there are benefits:

1. LastPass generates secure, long, complicated passwords for you to use on your sites.
2. One Password to remember.
3. 2FA – Two Factor Authentication, using a password and your phone to login.

Again, please do not use a simple password, such as Name1234!, they are so easy to guess, and also when changing your password regularly, make some considerable changes, not just a 1 character change.

Thanks for reading.