Who we are

A team that loves to create

Dover Technology was founded on the pure idea of making things more simple for the average end-user, having provided basic technical support to friends and family, our Director realised that there was one thing in common with technology on a day-to-day basis, "Everything is too complicated...". So Ben set out to make things more simple and friendly for his customers. Today, we pride ourselves on not just profiting off peoples despair, like the large enterprises that rule the world today. We want to simplify, make things friendly and easy to use. We have repeatedly heard from our clients about their experiences with their old providers, "I had to wait over a month for Sky to come and install my internet", "I thought my plan with BT was the same price every month, why has my plan suddenly doubled in price half way through my contract?". We put an end to this, with our fixed plan pricing and 1 month and 12 months contracts, you do not need to worry about about money.

Want to hear more about our story? Book Ben to talk about his success in the tech industry. You can read more about Ben here: DoverTechnology.co.uk/Ben

What we do

Keep it simple

At Dover Technology we started off providing simple game hosting for kids, now we provide services from IT support to Website Development and Design to Telecommunication services. We like getting to know our customers and do not make them just a number on a spreadsheet. 

You can view one of our clients websites here: SafeHSC.co.uk


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